Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Returning Home

Two years ago, my husband and I embarked on a journey to find the life that we had always wanted; to raise our boys in a place full of adventure, the outdoors, and love.  Inspired to make a change, we packed up our tiny house in England and moved across the pond to rural Maine. It was a challenge for us to leave secure jobs, a house, friends and my husband's family to restart life where I grew up. We know that we made the right choice but it can still be hard at times. Once you've had the privilege of growing up in Maine, you want you children to have the same experience.
A trip back to Yorkshire, UK visiting with family and horses.
The boys on a trip back to Yorkshire, UK this summer (2015).

We met a few struggles along the way including our youngest son having a number of medical issues due to his undiagnosed asthma.  Who knew that asthma could cause so many problems and present in so many different ways?  The journey to getting him healthy was rough and along the way, I didn’t lose a pound of baby weight and actually gained a ton more.  The only thing that kept me sane during the time was the unwavering support of my mom, dad, and family.  Moving back was worth it just for that support system alone!
That’s where this blog comes in!  I hope to show you our crazy, simple, fulfilling life as I journey to lose a total of 100 lbs. along the way.  It is going to be a huge but infinitely rewarding challenge that I hope you will follow me throughout the journey.

I will be following the new Weight Watchers Smart Points Plan and trying to become a more active.  There are tons of things that I am still longing to try - paddle boarding, anyone?  I’ll be sharing healthy recipes, meal plans, DIY and family activities.

I don’t want to sit back and watch my life just happen because life is always a new and wonderful adventure.  It’s time to embrace it!
Our beach in Maine (2015).  It's okay to be jealous; Maine is truly a remarkable and beautiful place.  
We have the incredible luck to live in two amazing and beautiful parts of the world. 

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