Saturday, February 13, 2016

Smart Points Meal Plan and Shopping List - Comfort Food

Who doesn't love comfort food? Maine is getting some pretty harsh -25-degree temperatures in the next week.  It also happens to be our February vacation. My very active little boys are going to be cooped up inside due to the risk of frostbite for standing outside! I decided to focus this week's shopping list and meal plan on just comfort foods.  In hopes that it will bring all of us a little warmth that we can't seem to get from Mother Nature!
Please feel free to download and add away to this shopping list.  I hope that it will give you a little inspiration when you're stuck on that same darn question I get every day, "What's for dinner?" Who knows, it might even free up a little more time for you to spend with those you love. The list has all the ingredients needed to make 7 dinners and room to add things you would like.  You will need to add your favorite side dishes and vegetables to the list.

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