Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In

It has been quite a few weeks since I posted anything about my weight loss.  To tell the truth, I had really lost my focus the last few weeks and was struggling to not gain weight! Life happened, things go busy, and Weight Watchers and weight-loss took a back burner. I'm really not proud of it. I didn't really gain very much (almost 2 lbs), that isn't what really bothers me.  What bothered me was how easily my focus on the goal was able to completely slip away. I put my own goals and desires on hold because of other stresses in our lives. Why do we let that happen to us?  Is it just me who does this?  
I sometimes feel like I need to put everyone else before my own well-being.  I'm starting to learn that this is probably one of the biggest mistakes I can make.  If I'm not healthy, I can't be there for the people who really need me. I don't mean just physically healthy, but, also, mentally healthy.  I am learning just how important it is to take the time I need to take care of myself.  It is just baby steps at the moment, but they are steps.  I am walking in the right direction and learning from each experience.  I'm not going to let it continue to hold me back. I'm going to continue to work on not just doing "life" but really learning to "live". I'm not waiting until I've reached my goal.  I'm not letting my insecurities hold me back from making memories with my boys.  We have been going on many adventures and trying to encourage that healthy a lifestyle.

I have been very focused this last week and have lost all that I gained and am back down to the lowest I have been at. My wonderful husband even signed me up for a 5K to try and remind me of how much I used to love to run before our youngest was born. I ran, well, walked, the 5K this past Saturday with my oldest son.  It was the perfect reminder of why I'm doing this and reminded me of who I was and who I wanted to be.  I've carried on running the last few days and plan to make this a part of my weekly workouts.  
I am ready to do this and can't thank all of you enough for your ongoing support!  Weight loss is a journey paved with many bumps.  All of the support I've received and positive comments about my recipes and weight loss have really encouraged me to keep on this path.  Can't wait to see what progress I make next week and hear about some of yours!

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