About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda, mom, wife, teacher and developer of HomeFamilyLove.com which features healthy, weight watchers friendly, lower-carb recipes and diet tips.  I will also be sharing gardening, DIY, product reviews, and general lifestyle information. 

I am currently on a journey to lose 100lbs in 2016.  
It will be a tough challenge with a lot of ups and downs but it will be a new start for both me and my family.  My youngest son has had ongoing health issues for the last few years that have contributed to my weight gain.  I had a hard time focusing on my own health when I was constantly worried about his.  

He is now being treated for these issues and is a perfectly loving, spirited, hockey playing, four-year-old.  My oldest is creative, future engineering, hockey playing eight-year-old.   I feel incredibly lucky and want to be able to spend as much time as possible watching them grow.

My husband is an amazingly talented Brit who has helped me develop this site.  Two years ago we moved away from God's Country of Yorkshire, England back to my home state of Maine.  We wanted to raise our children in the States and couldn't think of a better place.  

Maine has been an adjustment and we are really just starting to make it home.  We will be doing a lot of work transforming our house into a true home in the upcoming years.

Please join me in my new adventure!  I hope to make a few new friends along the way.

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